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Perfect Pet Bed

The story so far…


When I moved to the USA in 2005 with my pack of Ridgebacks,  one of my biggest frustrations was that I could not find a supplier of Veterinary Bedding.  For years, on my annual trip back home to the UK to visit family and attend the Crufts dog show I would struggle on the return leg of my journey with a couple of rolls under my arm. 


Veterinary bedding evolved from bedding used in hospitals for vulnerable patients.  I first came across it nearly 40 years ago when I started my nurse training.  Eventually someone realized that the same properties found in this bedding could be useful for pet bedding.  This became known as veterinary (or “vet”) bedding.


Today, it is the most popular form of pet bedding in Europe and it is the only form of bedding I use for my dogs.


Last year we decided to make our own bedding and collaborated with Kristin Draper, President of the Draper Knitting Co. in Canton Massachusetts, to manufacture a superior veterinary bedding which we have called Perfect Petbed.  We are very proud of the product we have created and equally proud that it is made in the USA. Gone are the days of foam crate pads being destroyed in minutes or heavier dog beds losing their shape and starting to smell.  Try it, we think you will love it!

Pups and Perfect Pet Bed

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