Perfect Vet Bed with trim

Perfect Vet Bed with trim

Available in Maroon with champagne trim and White with green trim our new Vet Bed is finished with thick braid.  green trim to make it truly Perfect.  Available in 4 sizes it looks as good as it performs.  Designed to our specifications and made at one of America's oldest and last remaining mills in Massachussetts, Perfect Pet Bed is the safest, hygenic and most effective fabric ever developed for pet bedding. A hard-wearing, everyday bed it is suitable for all life stages with excellent drainage properties. Easy to wash and dries in minutes, its dense knit construction means that it also retains heat more effectively than other thicker, materials.


The supplied bedding will be up to an inch wider on all sides than shown!  Designed and manufactured in the USA from 100% Polyester, it is hypoallergenic as well as hard wearing and moisture retaining.

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