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Looks and feels like fleece


Draws moisture away from the dog into the base of the fabric, keeping your dog dry

Fabric is 100% Polyester, 1 1/2 inches think and made in the USA (small carbon footprint too!)

•Comfortable – dogs love it!

•Perfect for all dogs and especially whelping or nursing mothers and older dogs

•Hard wearing (no stuffing to pick up)

•Withstands the toughest teeth

•Washes repeatedly

•Available in standard sizes to fit most crates, beds and whelping boxes

Highly portable - Pick up, fold up and go

Standard sizes -fit most crates and beds

Perfect Pet Bed

Full widths

Buy full widths as long as you like for custom sizes that you can cut at home.  Save money too!  Order these sizes in the Store or contact us for custom requirements including full rolls!

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